Spring Clean Up

Our yard clean up services take the hassle out of spring clean up so you can just sit back and enjoy. The weather is warming and the crocuses are blooming - all signs that it is time for spring clean up! Our professional staff can provide complete yard clean up services to prepare you for the upcoming season. We clean your entire yard of leaves, debris and cut down applicable perennials and grasses.  We redefine spade edged beds and cultivate them. 

From cleaning out the old leaves to adding mulch to prepare your flower beds and lawn for a healthy and beautiful growing season, our spring clean up services will help you have the yard you’ve always dreamed of.

We mulch with Triple Processed Premium Oak Bark - $78.00 per yard

Made from one tree "Red Oak" and primarily the "Bark" of the tree not the "Wood". It is a triple shredded product, dark brown/reddish tint in color, quick to decompose and provides excellent soil amendment. (Different mulch available upon request).